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 Skimmed milk powder  Skimmed milk powder are very similar. It is obtained by removing water from pasteurized skim milk. It’s contain 5% or less moisture (by weight) and 1.5% or less milkfat (by weight). Skimmed milk powder has a minimum milk protein content of 34%. Skimmed milk powder are classified for use as ingredients according to the heat treatment used in their manufacture. There are three main classifications: high-heat (least soluble), medium-heat, and low-heat (most soluble).

 Lactose  Food grade lactose is produced by concentrating whey or permeate (a co-product of whey protein concentrate production) to supersaturate the lactose, then removing and drying the lactose crystals. Special processes of crystallization, as well as grinding and fractionated sifting, produce types of lactose which differ in particle size distribution. Today, the industry offers several types of lactose ranging from superfine to extra coarse crystals for all applications. The lactose content is not less than 99%, with the sulfated ash content not more than 0.3%, both on a dry basis. The pH of a 10% solution is not less than 4.5 or more than 7.5.

Appearance: Crystalline, free-flowing powder
Color: White to pale yellow
Flavor: Slightly sweet
Solution: Clear, colorless to slightly yellowish, odorless

 Whey powder  Whey is the fluid that remains of the milk of any animal after cheese making. Cheese is made by clotting milk. After clotting the fluid is separated from the curd. This fluid is called whey. It contains approximately 50% of the lactose of the milk, as well as proteins, vitamins and minerals. The proteins are often purified and marketed as whey protein. Dried whey is called whey powder.
Whey obtained as a by-product in the manufacture of hard, semi-hard or soft cheese and rennet casein is known as sweet whey and has a pH of 5.9 – 6.6. Manufacture of mineral-acid-precipitated casein yields acid whey with a pH of 4.3 – 4.6.

Color: Off-white to cream

The Usage:
Ice cream, dessert, confectionery, bakery, frozen food, meat and seafood processing, beverages, dairy products and snacks.

 MPC 85%  Milk protein concentrate (MPC) is produced from skim milk by a series of processes that includes ultrafiltration, evaporation and drying. MPC contains undenatured forms of both casein and whey protein. The level of protein, lactose and minerals present varies depending on the degree of protein concentration. Ultrafiltration determines the composition of the MPC while evaporation and drying are used to remove only water. The product also is pasteurized to eliminate potential pathogens in raw milk.

Contain 85% milk protein.

The Usage:
MPCs are currently used for manufacturing products including: process cheese, cream cheese, ice cream, yogurt/fermented dairy and meal replacement beverages. Application and formulation dictate the type of MPC used. Typically, lower-protein MPCs are used as ingredients in cheese applications, while higher-protein MPCs are used in beverage and bar applications.


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