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DP Supply’s core activity is the constant search for new ways to fulfil the ever-changing requirements of the food industry regardings the replacement of liquid milk/cream, milk powder and fats. The skilled development team and the state of the art production unit facilitate DP Supply to design and manufacture powdered alternatives.

• Non-dairy creamers/whiteners for use in coffee, coffee mixes, tea and cocoa drinks but also in soups and sauces
• Cappuccino toppings for use in vending machines
• Functions; aeration, creaming, emulsifying, foaming, whitening. Application fields are bakery, coffee, coffee mix, hot drinks like tea and cocoa, potato, soup and sauces.

Whole milk powder replacers based on vegetable fats and a carrier of dairy products like skimmed milk or whey. Application fields are bakery, ice cream and cakes.

Spray dried fat powders with up to 80% of vegetable fat. Application fields; bakery, ice cream powder, cakes, potato and sauces

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