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El-Amin a family started their activity in industrial field for producing Gelatin since 1936. They used that machinery and equipments, which was avaliable in that period the factory located in Masr El-Kadema, one of cairo sectors.

Edible Gelatine El-Amin manufactured from bovine hide split which taken from bovine skin that have relevant veterinary authorities and halal slaughtering. Our Firm As Gıda provides Edible gelatin from El-Amin and supplies for our customers.

Edible Gelatin El-Amin have the following composition
Protein: 84:90%
Moisture: 8:12 %
Mineral salt: 1:2%
They contain no fat or carbonhydrates no purine or colesterol are in addition free of all preservatives. El-Amin for Gelatine is manufactured in modern factory operated to the highst health satinary and Standard. Each stage of manufacturing process is controlled in our modern laboratories to ensure purity and high quality of El-Amin Gelatine. Edible Gelatine El-Amin is compatible to Egyption and global standard.
The main fact that determines the quality is gel strenght and this is named as ”Bloom”
Gelatine 120 bloom juice
Geltine 150 bloom diary
Gelatine 170 bloom sausage
Gelatine 180 bloom jelly
Gelatine 200 bloom backary
Gelatine220 bloom candy
Industrial gelatine is produced from natural and fresh raw material which obtained from animal approved by the authorities organizes. From selected supplies process control systems are used to support our tecnical gelatine products constant control of each production step.

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