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Our history has started on September 29, 2007 when a plant was opened and the presentation of the new production lines took place. Ever since, the production of the liquid pasteurized and dried egg products has been the prior direction. Now the biggest producers of the wide-range production (the sauces, the mayonnaises, the confectionary, the bakery, the meat and fish products) have the opportunity to use the highest-quality ingredients of the food industry.

By the end of October 2007, the plant has reached the fullest capacity: the processing of 180 tons of egg products (3 million eggs per day). This is one of the highest figures in Europe.

November 12, 2007, "Imperovo foods" has manufactured the first party of the egg powder from the fermented protein albumen. This is an outstanding event for the plant, since we have become and still remain the only manufactures of the given product in Ukraine.
The liquid pasteurized products are the whole egg, the egg yolk, the egg white and the products with sugar or salt additives:
• Liquid whole egg
• Liquid whole egg with 5% salt (sugar) additive
• Liquid egg yolk
• Liquid egg yolk with 5% salt (sugar) additive
• Liquid egg white

The group of the dried egg products looks as follows: the egg powder, the egg yolk powder, the egg white powder and the fermented high-gel or high-whip egg white powder:
• Dried egg powder
• Dried egg yolk powder
• Dried egg white powder
• Dried desugared high-whip white powder

These are the necessary things for the production of the sauces, the mayonnaises, the confectionary, the bakery, the pasta and meat products. Furthermore, the egg products are used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic branches.

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