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NMK Group of Companies is a fully integrated specialty fat manufacturer in Sri Lanka. NMK manufactures the full range of lauric as well as non-lauric specialty fats suitable for moulding, coating, creaming, filling, baking and other confectionery applications. The product range is as the following;

Non Hidrogenated Products
• Margarine
• Palm Shortening
• Vegetable Fat
• Vegetable Ghee
• RDB Palm Oil
• Vegetable Cocking Oil (RDB Palm Olein)

Hidrogenated Products
• Interestified Fat
• Speciality Fats
• Vannaspathi Ghee
• Hidrogenated Oil

Coconut Oil Products
• RDB Coconut Oil Products
• Virgin Coconut Oil
• Desiccated Coconut
• Coconut Milk
• Coconut Cream

Palm Oil Shortening;
Palm Oil Shortening is a Premium quality shortening made from refine palm oil and its fractions. It has been texturised with low specific weight to impart good plasticity, smooth consistency to facilitate mixing, ease of use, good leavening and tenderizing effect in all dough based products. This products is formulated with specific range of solid fat profiles and melting profile to suit different climatic conditions and different applications. Especially used in baking, biscuits, instant noodles and confectionary industries.

Margarine is a butter substitute made exlusively from vegetable oils (Palm oil). It is %100 free from animal fats and transfats. It is flavored, colored and fortified with vitamin A and D to match butter’s nutritional contribution. Excellent for cakes, cookies, creams, breads and pastries.

Ice Cream Fat
Ice cream fats is moderately hard, refined, bleached, deodorized and fractioned lauric oil based hard butter which gives excellent mouth filling qualities dissolving at a body temperature. This product is made from lauric oil and it is free from any other ingredient or preservatives.This product is recommended to use as a creaming fat for ice cream, biscuit, toffie filling, coating fat and center application for biscuits, wafers, nuts and crackers.

Hidrogenated Palm Oil
Hidrogenated palm oil is made from refined bleached and deodorized palm oil up to USA and European standarts. This Product is made from hidrogenated palm oil and it does not contain any emulsifiers or preservatives. It may contain permitted antioxidants. Specially manufacturated for puff, cross and pastries. And it is also useful product fro frying and specially product applications

Speciality Fats
Cocoa butter substitue (CBS) is a hydrogenated and fractionated Palm Kernel Oil based product with very sharp melting profile thus providing excellent mouth feel.It is made from Palm Kernel Oils & contains Sorbitan Tristereate as an anti bloom agent and Soya lecithin. It is suitable for making high quality coatings, plain bar and moulded chocolates.


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