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Pulviver has set standards in Egg Science and Technology with the production of highly functional egg powders. Pulviver offers instant egg powders that make dispersing, whipping or binding a cinch. They are pioneers in applying “instant powder” to egg powders, using an unique process for drying and agglomerating egg albumen powder that very few egg powder companies offer.

One of the most obvious advantages of egg powders is their price: 1 ton of egg albumen powder equals 10 tons of frozen egg albumen (just think of the transport costs and storage space). Egg powders are also easy to store (no need for refrigeration, all you need is a dry place). Then there is the long shelf life: if well stored, egg powders can have a shelf life of 18 months, and if properly sealed, 5 to 10 years. They are also extremely easy to use: all you have to do is add water, which results in less handling and less needless energy consumption. Moreover, they are bacteriologically pure, and can be controlled and analysed before purchase
The use of instant egg powders brings to light other advantages. Due to better re-dispersion, instant powders rehydrate easily. Moreover in contrast to regular powders, they produce no lumps. And thanks to particle size granulation, no dust residue forms.

For what you can use are bakery and pastry products, confectionary, dressings of mayonnaise and sauces, meat products (sausages, hamburgers, hams, ...), vegetarian preparations (soya, sausages, hamburgers, ...).
Pulviver has got these certificates which are Halal (Egg albumen powder – Halal Food Council of Europe), Halal (whole egg powder, egg yolk powder – Halal Food Council of Europe) and Bio.

Range of products are;
• Egg Albumen Powder Regular
• Egg Albumen Powder High Whip Instant
• Egg Albumen Powder High Whip Instant Extra
• Egg Albumen Powder High Gel
• Egg Albumen Powder High Gel Instant
• Egg Albumen Powder Super High Gel
• Egg Albumen Powder Super High Gel Instant
• Whole Egg Powder
• Whole Egg Powder Extra Cake



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