PRODUCTS / Antimicrobials

 Benzoic acid (E210)  Benzoic acid is used to prevent microbiological spoilage.It is used in fruit juice, marmelade, jam, carbonated beverages, pickles, ketchup, salad and sauces, canned foods, production of brine meat and fishes.

 Potassium sorbate(E202)  It is effected to molds and yeasts. Cheese, wine, yoghurt, dehydrated meats, beverages (fruit drinks, cider, syrup, milkshake), bakery products.

 Sodium benzoate (E211)  Sodium benzoate is used as preservative to prevent microbiological spoilage. It is widely used in carbonated drinks, ketchups, sauces, pickles, marmelades, jams, margarine, olive production, refined fish products and confectioneries for

 Sodium metabisulphite(E223)  Sodium metabisulphite is used as disinfectant, antioxidan and presevative. It is used in fruit extracts and confectioneries, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, frozen products, wine and beer production

 Sorbic acid(E200)  Sorbic acid and its salts are used to prevent the growth of yeast, mould and fungi. It is widely used in food industry. Beverages ( fruit juices, carbonated drinks, lemonade), dairy products ( yoghurt, cheese), fish and seafood, fat-based products, fruit and vegetable products(dehydrated fruits, pickles), bakery products, confectioneries, jam, jelly and marmalades, sauces.

 Calcium propionate (E282)  Calcium propionate is an antimicrobical which is used to prevent the growth of mold. It is used in bread, other bakery foods, processing of meat, dairy products for food industry.


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