PRODUCTS / Colours

 Beta-carotene 1-5-10-30%  Marge, butter, salami, cereals, jams, cakes, drinks, pickles are products which beta carotene is used to product, it gives orange color

 Riboflavine  It is used for baby foods, instant drink powders, soup powder, sauce powder. It encolours yellow-orange

 Titanium dioxide  It is especially used with roasted chickpea to encolour white

 Tartrazine  It encolours yellow

 Ponceau 4R   It encolours red

 Quinoline yellow  It encolours yellow

 Carmoısıne  It encolours cherry red

 Allura red  It encolours red-orange

 Pea green  It encolours green

 Sunset yellow  It encolours orange

 Green s  It encolours dark green

 Chocolate brown  It encolours brown

 Dark chocolate brown  It encolours dark brown

 Lime green  It encolours lime green


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