PRODUCTS / Acidity Regulator

 Lactic acid (E270)  Lactic acid is used as acidity regulator, antimicrobial and flavor enhancer. It is used in bakery products, beverages, meat products, confectionery, dairy products fermented foods, salad, pickle, sauces, ready meals.

 Citric acid anhydrous(E330)  Citric acid is used as ph regulator, acidity regulator, flavor enhancer, stabilizer, antioxidant. It is used in sauces, beverages, bakery products, dairy products, confectionery, cheese, biscuits, delights, cakes, ice cream, desserts, flavors, canned food, ready meals.

 Tricalcium citrate (E333iii)  Tricalcium citrate is used as pH regulator and stabilizer. It is used in bakery products, confectionery, dairy products, cereals, desserts, ice creams, fruit and vegetable products and soy products.

 Trisodyum citrate (E331iii)  


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